This is just to show how tired I am but I’m at work right now and we have snacks here like popcorn and I kinda just grabbed a handful and when I returned to my desk I put the popcorn by my ear thinking that it was my earbud but I just kept trying to put the popcorn in my ear like omfg where is the music and then I realized the truth and yeah my life is great zzzzzzz

MIB Parody 1: Teen Titans

Program: Flash CS6

Audio: Teen Titans

Starring: Michelle, Ikm, Bobby, and Flame (Bobby’s cat)

New Calarts Blog

This blog will be used to document my adventures / life in a new state and new school. I will occasionally reblog art from my main art blog as long as it remains relevant to my time in California (since this is what this blog is all about.)

It won’t be VERY active until school starts (September or so), but until then I will mostly just post about my thoughts before getting into the school / how I felt about the application process a lot of PRE-college feelings/stuff.

I will remind yall about the blog again when the time is closer, but otherwise there’s a link to it on my current blog.

I’m still using mewdoubled as my main artblog though